Custom Gift

This week I made a custom gift. No money was exchanged; this is simply a gift for a friend’s child. It is a bit more complex than my standard reversible cape, but the shape and size are the same. I don’t usually cut or sew custom appliqués. But I like the way this turned out so much, I’m now considering more (unbranded) for the 2015 offerings.

The red side!

And here is my sewing mannequin trying on the red side.


My husband asked for a two sided Wonder Woman inspired cape for his friend’s daughter. It was to include special blue and white starred satin, a red star, and a gold Wonder Woman logo.

First I had to find very plain starred blue satin. I wound up ordering the fabric from a shop on Etsy. It wound up being shipped from China. I’ve never had two yards shipped direct from China before. Happily I normally have red and gold satin around as a super hero staple. And I am in the throes of mask making, so I had red and gold felt sheets. Hooray!

I made the star and Wonder Woman logos in Adobe Illustrator, and then printed them out. I like to tape the paper patterns right to the felt and just cut them right out. I find this method gives me the most true to shape forms once cut.

Sewing the star

I cut the star out of felt, and then sewed it onto the gold side with the paper still in place.


I cut out my three cape shapes of gold, red, and starred satin. I cut the gold cape in half, making sure it came to a point. I edge stitiched the hem, and then stitched it onto the starred cape. I trimmed off the excess star fabric so that it would lay flat, and hopefully not be all lumpy.

I pinned and sewed my star appliqué onto the gold section. I then peeled off the paper. This turned out to be quite laborious, but I think the final placement and stability of the edge stitching, was well worth it.

I then placed, pinned, and stitched on the Wonder Woman logo. I used the same laborious paper peeling process.

Wonder Woman applique, paper still on.

Sewing on the Wonder Woman applique on the red side.


Once both sides were ready I sewed them together, and flipped the cape inside out. I added Velcro closures, and edge stitched the whole thing.

Reversible cape!

This cape is reversible! Here is the gold and stars side.


My little size seven sewing mannequin really rocked it.

I sent the cape off with my husband for delivery. I hope the little one likes it as much as I do!

Sewing dummy.

Here is one of my sewing mannequins trying on the blue and gold side.

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