The Gallant Gallop LLC was started to create quality handmade costumes for junior superheroes. While wandering around various comic cons for a few years, the founder, Jennifer, noticed that there was a clear lack of costume options for kids.

Determined that secret identities be protected even at a young age, Jennifer designed a cape pattern or two and learned to sew. She shared a booth at Wizard World Chicago 2013, and found that yes indeed, kids were underserved, and needed some more options.

In 2014, the capes have been redesigned, reversible and hooded options have been created! The 2014 inventory will all be brought to Wizard World Chicago 2014.

Logo, Aspirations, and Inspirations

The company logo was inspired by a piece of antique jewelry that Jennifer has treasured since childhood.

There are a few initiatives in the works to create horse inspired crafts and prints. The founder has loved and been inspired by horses for all of her life, and would like to share that joy. She would love to see these future products sponsor the adoption and care of a horse in need of a home.